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Curry Mantra Indian Restaurant

Yes, Curry Mantra one of the best Indian restaurants In the greater Orlando area is Upamile's pick for today.  This is an awesome Indian restaurant and virtually in walking distance from the OCC (Orlando Convention Center). After visiting the place a few times wit the team we've decided to put on our daily business pick. It's amazing the quality of the food; fresh, well-prepared. If you like naan, well, they will serve fresh naan directly to your table. 


As stated above...Curry Mantra is one of Orlando's favorite Indian restaurants.  It is spotless, even the bathroom were clean. The place is very welcoming. Most importantly the waiters were fantastic, helpful and gave spot on suggestions. This is without a doubt the best service we've had in several Orlando trips.  If you like your food  mild, hot or Indian  spicy you got it.  Hopefully, you're able to handle it. 

Whether your coming in from out of town  and staying near SeaWorld, or in the Orlando area, if you love Indian food Curry Mantra is the place to try out. You'll definitely enjoy it.

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