5 Helpful Hints for Marketing Your New Restaurant Business

You’ve spent years dreaming about owning a restaurant and now your dream comes true. Now, you want people to know about your new restaurant, but you’re not sure how to proceed to marketing your new restaurant business. Well, with the right restaurant concept, location and the right food, you have nothing to worry about, you’re one step away from winning over your competitors. Below we’ll go over five basic steps for you to get your restaurant marketing up and running.

Here are some basic steps for marketing your new restaurant business

Get a Website

Having a website for your restaurant business is vital in the marketing plan to grow your restaurant business. If you want your restaurant to grow big and known to the world, then you’ve got to get a professional mobile friendly website. Having a website opens up the door for a much broader market of consumers. It makes it very easy for potential and even existing customers to find you. You might be thinking getting a website is lots of work and has nothing to do with food, but believe me, the reward is far more greater than the work. Moreover, depend on how much your budget is you might want to add a way for customers to order straight from the website. This, would exponentially increase your revenue.

Start a contest

Contests can be an effective way to drive more people to a restaurant. From boosting sales, to building your brand, to getting more advocates for your business – contests touch it all. Don’t think it’s complicated to run some contests for your business. They can be as simple as sending a one line tweet to your restaurant followers or as complex as distributing a simple video commercial on the social networks. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that you have to start somewhere, the earlier you start the better!

Connect with local Influencers

One of the best and quick way to get the words out about your new restaurant business is to leverage other platforms such as local bloggers and food Influencers to share your restaurant information with their followers. Connect with them on the social media by following them and commenting on their blogs. Don’t be shy to send them a message asking them to help you get the word out. You can offer some incentives such as a free meal, a gift card to encourage them to blast your restaurant content in their network. Don’t be discourage if they say no.

Submit your restaurant to local directories

Whenever diners go out to eat, they will use Google or some local directories to look for a restaurant. Therefore, they will not find you if your restaurant isn’t listed. So, be sure to list your restaurant business location on Upamile, Yelp, MenuPages and Google Maps with the most up-to-date contact information. Some will allow you to submit pictures, hours of operation, and menu items. When diners are searching restaurants locally in those search directories, your establishment will be among the first to appear in search results.

Offer delivery for your surrounding area

Don’t miss out of potential new customers because they can’t come to the restaurant. Even-though, they can’t come by doesn’t mean they are not craving your food, especially, those that have tried the food already. Consider providing a delivery service for those customers. If you can’t afford the delivery service yourself, you can leverage those delivery services out there such as Grubhub, Uber Eats etc…

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