Why a mobile friendly restaurant website crucial to your success

With mobile being the norm these days, are you making sure your restaurant website mobile friendly? 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Clearly, we can see that the popularity of the desktop as a means of surfing the web is decreasing very rapidly.

With this major shift, diners no longer visit a restaurant and wait to be sited to see what you have on the menu. In fact, when searching for places to eat online, nearly two-thirds of consumers are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t access the menu on their mobile device.

Some keys information to include in your mobile restaurant website.

  • Gallery with very enticing photos – Nothing sells your food to a potential diner like high quality photographs. People will more likely want to order something if they can see ahead of time what the food looks like. Therefore, take advantage of that!
  • Add your menu – Make sure your menu is posted online in a format that can easily be read on a mobile device. Don’t just a PDF format of the menu, ask your website developer to convert it into HTML as part of the whole website development.
  • Video! – Website visitors are 10 times more likely to engage with a video than other forms of content.
  • Location – Those who are new to your restaurant will probably want to know how to get there with no hassle. So, don’t forget to include your restaurant location on the website.
  • Phone number – While people are surfing online, they might want to place an order ahead of time. If they have questions about items on the menu, they need a way to call and ask. Therefore, It’s imperative that you have your restaurant number on there for easy access.

Last, below is a quick sample comparison of how a website display on a mobile device.
Example of a mobile friendly vs a non mobile friendly website

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