Simple Key Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

As we work with different small businesses in our journey, we’ve had the opportunity to experience and see the marketing mistakes companies are doing while promoting their business. Therefore, we’ve decided to put this post together for those small business owners to know NOT to make those same marketing mistakes when running a marketing campaigns for their business.

When it comes to marketing we all can and have made mistakes that cost our companies money. We call them mistakes because people seems to keep repeating them over and over, they have not learned from them. The best thing you can do as a marketer is to learn from your mistakes and prevent them from occurring again. Let’s go through some of the trivial mistakes business owners and marketers are doing, and hope that you will learn not to make them.

Key Marketing Mistakes

  • Not leveraging every channels and platforms at your disposal. The digital world constantly is evolving. Therefore, those involved in any aspect of marketing should stay abreast of relevant, emerging marketing channels to connect with your audiences.
  • Not enough familiarity with social media platforms. As business owners and marketers, you have to become familiar with multiple social media platforms and know how to target them toward your particular audience. Not all social media platform operate the same way, therefore you will need to spend significant time in learning how to use them. For example, video contents can be published on YouTube, and with such content you’re more likely to show on Google search. Whereas,  Snapchat  as a photo- and video-sharing app highly favored by teenagers and can be a great tool for for publishers, travel companies, and retailers.
  • Lack of blog content. We have seen many businesses that have a website with just a basic home, services, and about me pages. This is not enough to create a buzz on the internet and attract new audience. You MUST add a blog to your website and start posting new content for your target audience. Having a blog can help you build a deeper relationship with your current customers and gain prospective ones.
  • Target market is too broad. Before you run any marketing campaign, make sure to know who your target audience is. As a matter of fact, every piece of content you put out should have a specific audience that you’re going after. Don’t try to go after everyone.
  • Marketing without any goal.  When you’re creating a marketing program, setting goals should be the first step you take. You won’t believe how many people we’ve met out there running marketing campaigns without goals to measure against.  Goals don’t have to be super scientific or crazy. They are simple milestone  you wish to accomplish with your campaign.  They are your guide to  help you clearly define and measure the efforts you put in creating and running such campaign. This is how you will know if the campaign was successful or not.

Learn, remember and focus

All in all, remember we all make mistake but those who learn from their mistakes are the ones that are successful. Therefore, we encourage you to set some marketing goals, and consistently track and review how you’re doing. Learn to adapt and change until your figure out what’s work for you. Produce as many contents as you can and reach out to audience on as many social media platforms as possible.

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