Things Restaurant Customers Hate the most in a Restaurant

Things Restaurant Customers Hate the most in a Restaurant

Restaurant Customers are paying attention when eating out.

Operating a restaurant business is a very tough job and making sure your restaurant customers are well served is even harder. But you love it which is why you got into doing it in the first place.
We went out recently to a few restaurants in the Orlando area and asked some of those customers a very simple questions about the place. We will not name anyone nor give the name of the places which we visited.

The question was, what is one thing you dislike the most about coming to this restaurant? Quiet frankly, many of those restaurant customers had similar answers. So if you own a restaurant you need to pay attention to the voice of your customers. Maybe, good to start engaging your them and get their feedback on how your place is doing and area you could improve on.
Below are the key things we thought we would share.

Uncomfortable chairs.

Most restaurant owners want their customers to fell “comfortable” when visiting the restaurant and furniture plays a key role in creating this ambiance. We know it could be very costly to afford comfortable chairs, but retaining customers is a very high priority. It is in the interest of the restaurant owners to keep diners comfortable, so they could stay longer to spend more.

Understaffed restaurants

Under-staffing will cause many issues at a restaurant or any business. Restaurant owners should give this one great consideration, because visitors tend to be waiting too long for service while receiving less individual attention from their server.

Poor Customer Service

We’ve all heard this quote before that the customer is king. With social media and many restaurant review platforms available these days, it’s time to pay attention to the customers. People expect something special to escape their daily grind, if they receive a bad experience, that could means a bad review on yelp or Upamile which could cost you a handful of customers down the road.

Inadequate napkins

Guests should not have to stretch across tables to get napkins, they should always have enough available to them for use.

Dirty Tables

No one wants to be sited at a dirty table in a restaurant. Many people we’ve talked to consider cleanliness on top of their list of things they look at when they walk into a restaurant. People often think that if the table which they have access to is dirty, so is the kitchen in the back. Number one goal for a restaurant owners is to keep their customers by providing them a healthy atmosphere during their visit.

Dirty Restrooms

Any guests who walk into a restaurant and find a clean restroom, will not have a problem coming back. However, it’s a serious problem if the restroom in a restaurant is not clean. Guest that have a bad experience from dirty toilets to grimy soap dispenses to bad odors, will blab about it to friends and family and will cost business.
Customers value the cleanliness of the restrooms in a restaurant. If the dining room looks clean, guests will check the restrooms to see how upkeep they are. Again, if the restroom is dirty it gives the impression that kitchen is also not well maintain.

Too Much Noise

One of the most frustrating elements for people is noise which usually due to the music and TVs. Many platforms are now allowing diners to report about the noise levels in different establishments. A new app soon to be coming out called iHEARu will help diners determine, ahead of time, the noise levels of different restaurants and avoid places that are too loud.

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