Why Should You Visit The Orlando Science Center With Your Kids

The Orlando Science Center, a place to learn and have fun

The Orlando Science Center has made it possible for children to continue experience learning while school is out.
If you are looking for a place for your children to have fun and learn at the same time, you might want to check the Orlando Science Center out. Others who have visited it before have submitted reviews and share their experiences.

Orlando Science Center usually hosts break camps when Schools are out of session for teacher work days and holiday breaks including winter and spring break. Those beak camps will definitely help your child learn about STEM in an exciting, interactive environment. Those that are participating will explore a variety of hands-on science topics in a classroom setting. More detail can be found on their website.

There’s about 3 floors filled with different activities for all ages. The first level even has some tiny reptiles and animals (such as snakes, baby alligators, ducks, fish, etc), that you can walk through. They hold some great exhibits throughout the year. They have a cine-dome with some fantastic 3D movies as well as another theater that places current and recent movies. All this is included in the price of entry!

If you plan on visiting very often, it’s always a good idea to get the annual membership pass to save. Along with the membership, you’ll benefit from free parking which is usually $5 per visit. We encourage you to check this place out. Not only the kids will have fun but you will as well.

Here are some tips before you plan your visit to the Orlando Science Center:

The garage parking is not free. Since it is connected, we’d recommend you pay the $5 fee if you are with kids. Otherwise, You can also try to find free parking within Loch Haven Park.
Take a break from exploring to have a picnic in Loch Haven Park. Pack your own snacks, drinks and lunches. There is also a Subway on the bottom floor of the Science Center.
The SunRail picks up and drops off at AdventHealth just a short walk away. Kids 6 and under can ride for free.
Check out their visiting hours
777 E. Princeton Street

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