Chef Geoff’s, Cafe Deluxe, Tortilla Coast merge restaurant businesses

Chef Geoff
According to a recent publication on Eater, Chef Geoff Tracy who used to wait tables at local American restaurant, Cafe Deluxe will partner with Clover Restaurant Group, which operates four locations of Cafe Deluxe plus Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill. They made the announcement earlier today on social media.

The new venture, called Chef Geoff’s Deluxe Hospitality, is a 50-50 split between Tracy and his brother Chris own half of the company, and Clover Restaurant Group’s Sullivan and his father Jim own the other half. The merger was also an opportunity for Tracy give his brother, previously president of Chef Geoff’s Restaurant Group, equity in the company. The brothers now have equal stakes and will run the day-to-day operations of the new group, while the Sullivans “look for new business opportunities.”
For more read on this feel free to check out the full article on the washingtonian..

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