tarantula burger for your taste

Would you like to try out a tarantula Burger from Bull City Burger and Brewery

Try out A Tarantula Burger

Yes you read it right a “Tarantula Burger”, I am not crazy. A well known restaurant in Durham, NC named Bull City Burger and Brewery is serving Tarantula burger in celebration of the Exotic Meat Month.

Wonder how to get one of them?

Well, not that easy, you are going to need to participate in a challenge to win your chance to try one out.
According to the announcement on their website Bull City Burger and Brewery hosts the Tarantula Challenge for the month of April. If you stop by the restaurant and interested in being a participant, you will be given a raffle ticket to keep and your name and phone number will be recorded on their raffle list.
Then, you will have to watch through Facebook, Twitter and the Bull City Burger and Brewery website to see if their ticket is drawn. Winners must call the restaurant within 48 hours of their name being drawn for preparation.

How much does it cost to eat that burger?

The burger costs $30 and includes a pasture-raised North Carolina beef burger, gruyere cheese, an oven-roasted tarantula and spicy chili sauce.
If you make it to the last bite and eat the entire burger you will receive a limited edition Tarantula Challenge t-shirts (sizes are limited) and get your picture taken for social media fame and glory as they call it.

Below are the name of a few of the winners:

4/4 – Martha B., Ticket # 907653
‚Äč4/5 – Randall K., Ticket # 907647
4/6 – David D., Ticket # 907656
4/7 – Rose Y., Ticket # 907648
4/8 – Breanna S., Ticket #907646
4/9 – Kristin B., Ticket #907669
4/10 – Anthony J., Ticket #907655
4/11 – Dan W., Ticket #907661
4/12 – Michael B., Ticket #907679

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