Chef Geoff’s, Cafe Deluxe, Tortilla Coast merge restaurant businesses

According to a recent publication on Eater, Chef Geoff Tracy who used to wait tables at local American restaurant, Cafe Deluxe will partner with Clover Restaurant Group, which operates four locations of Cafe Deluxe plus Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill. They made the announcement earlier today on social media. The new venture, called Chef Geoff’s

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Would you like to try out a tarantula Burger from Bull City Burger and Brewery

Try out A Tarantula Burger Yes you read it right a “Tarantula Burger”, I am not crazy. A well known restaurant in Durham, NC named Bull City Burger and Brewery is serving Tarantula burger in celebration of the Exotic Meat Month. Wonder how to get one of them? Well, not that easy, you are going

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10 Good Restaurant Promotion Ideas

10 Good Restaurant Promotion Ideas For Owners To Get More Customers

Do you own a restaurant business? Implementing some good restaurant promotion ideas might help your restaurant grow more quickly than your average competitors. This article is going to share with you 10 Good Restaurant Promotion Ideas owners can use to maximize profits. They are simple, effective, and able to be run without busting a hole

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Why should small business use upamile

Why Is It Important To Have Your Small Business On Upamile?

Showcase your small business to the world Do you own a restaurant or any type of small business? Is that business not making the money you think it deserves? Wonder how you can gain more clients and tap into the online space that so many other local businesses have benefited from? If you answered yes

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8 small business forums for startups

8 Small Business Forums for Startups

When we just started working on Upamile, we needed to connect to other like-minded business personals out there. It wasn’t easy to find a group of people that you could share ideas with or ask questions related to your business. We started by searching online to find networks or forums for lack of a better

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Flow of how users use upamile to find local businesses and benefits for local businesses

Announcing the Launch of our new platform Upamile

It’s here! After three months of hard work and dedication, we’re excited to officially announce the launch of Upamile. The new platform launch is ready and available at Many times one wanted to find trusted local businesses or things to do in town, but could not find any. Therefore, we’ve started to put together

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